Pitigliano, one of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy), will capture you with its ancient history, from the Etruscans and their necropolises and Vie Cave roads to the Romans, who founded the first settlements here to the Middle Ages with the Aldobrandeschi and the Renaissance with the noble families of the Orsini and the Medici di Firenze … In Pitigliano tells a very ancient story and its monuments mark its most glorious centuries.

There is no better way to discover Pitigliano and its secrets than to lose yourself walking through the alleys of its Old Town, between the narrow streets, the squares, the flowered terraces in every season of the year … the town looks like a postcard, standing still in an indefinite age, a jealous guardian of historic buildings and breathtaking churches, of ancient traditions and traditional events …

Stroll through the narrow streets and admire the imposing Cathedral, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, a splendid example of Baroque art, in the square in front of the church, we can admire the Monument to the Ursinea Offspring, built to celebrate the family of the Orsini Counts, visit the Church of San Rocco, which is the oldest in the entire town and stop at Palazzo Orsini, where you can admire the Archaeological Museum and the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art.

After all this walking you’ll certainly be hungry … so why not stop in one of the restaurants, trattorias or pizzerias in the centre? Pitigliano has a lot to offer in food and wine. You will be spoiled for choice with dishes from the Maremman culinary tradition, meats and cheeses from nearby dairies and farms, pasta dishes with game sauce and, in the right season, porcini mushrooms, second courses of meat and delicious desserts … naturally accompanied by the wines that make Pitigliano famous all over the world, the Bianco di Pitigliano DOC for example.

There is no better way to discover the traditions and culture of a people than to share in their cuisine and traditional dishes, a lunch or dinner in one of the local restaurants is like a dip in the past, between ancient traditions jealously handed down from generation to generation, simple and genuine ingredients, always linked to the rural tradition, and wines from grapes grown exclusively in the area.

Eating in Pitigliano is a unique experience, a journey to discover the secrets of Pitigliano, its most beautiful traditions and its most authentic flavours.