Pitigliano, and the entire Maremma, are the perfect embodiment of the words welcome and family … the Maremma is a vast territory with a small population, mainly devoted to farming and livestock, an oasis of nature uncontaminated and tranquil, where it is possible to rediscover an authentic Tuscany.

One of the best ways to discover the authentic charm of Pitigliano is by staying in an agritourism or agriturismo, as it’s known in Italian. These working farms have be transformed by the locals into havens of local hospitality, an ideal solution for those who want to rediscover the Tuscan countryside and relive ancient traditions.

Today agritourisms in Pitigliano combine rural life with all the comforts of a hotel, without renouncing their authenticity. This is exemplified in the traditional breakfasts, prepared exclusively with local products, homemade desserts, jams and all that makes this territory unique.

A holiday in an agritourism in Pitigliano is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself completely in the Tuscan lifestyle, get to know the locals and even help out around the farm, if you like, without haste and with the tranquility that distinguishes the countryside and those who live there. It’s a rare chance to follow the slow rhythms of nature and rediscover the pleasure of silence, interrupted from time to time by the chirping of birds and nothing more…